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First and foremost we acknowledge that the land on which we gather is the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples and is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.

WINS Toronto is a Not-for-Profit organization which champions and aims to promote inclusive and equitable policies in the Canadian workforce. We enable and develop the professional skills of those who might have experienced challenges based on their dimensions of diversity. We provide an embracing community of care and support for professionals to learn from each other and expand their horizons through extended interaction with a professional network. The name WINS reflects our commitment to providing a setting in which our members and other diverse professionals can succeed and flourish.

WINS Toronto’s founder is Dr. Hitu Sood. Hitu started WINS Toronto on December 1, 2018. Through WINS Toronto, Hitu envisions to create a community of support for diverse multifaceted and talented professionals to achieve greater success and break down societally created barriers.

In 2020, WINS Toronto intends to bring attention to the barriers and challenges faced by immigrant women professionally in Canada. By using community research, case studies, dialogue, and discussions we intend to bring attention to these challenges and explore ways to overcome them.

An echo of diverse voices is what WINS Toronto is all about. Come join us to give your thoughts a voice. We welcome everyone to our public events for networking, discussions, and professional development.
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Dr. Hitu Sood is the Founder and Executive Director of WINS Toronto.

Our Executive Team

About our Team
Bhagyashree Chouhan IT and infrastructure Lead.

Bharti Dhar Recruitment Lead.

Joshua McGurk Communications & Marketing Specialist.

Ryon Dalir Communications & Marketing Specialist.

Safaa Albashiti HR Specialist.

About our members
Our members are professionals from diverse backgrounds who have overcome challenges on their career paths. WINS Toronto is a community of support for such professionals. Members meet every month in Downtown Toronto. Over a period of time members can help each other navigate and overcome hurdles in employment situations. We encourage members to make a genuine connection and bond at a human level with each other.

Members volunteer to contribute to based on their talent and area of interest. Winners who make WINS Toronto what it is by volunteering on a regular basis are:
(in alphabetical order)

Aaron Luo, PhD volunteered from February to May, 2021 as a Researcher and Project Specialist for 'Showcasing Immigrant Voices' Survey.

Dhivya Kanagamani volunteered with us in 2019 for various projects.

Liliana Nakamura who has been a member of WINS Toronto since inception helped us in 2019 to public events.

Prithi Menezes volunteered to provide project support in 2020.

Sharvari Jois suggested the name WINS.

Terry Gayle who has been a member of WINS Toronto since inception volunteered her time to provide project support from 2019 till February, 2021.


Every few months we organize networking and learning sessions for the public. In this age of fast and goal focused networking, our events are an endeavor to shift the paradigm on networking a bit. Our public events are focused on enabling professionals to learn something new while networking.

2019 Public Events at Metro Hall
An Overview of Project Management: By Khalida Kesury

Artificial Intelligence Basics: By Joyce Lam

Health & Fitness for Professionals: By Terry Gale

Informational Interviews for Job Seekers & Newcomers to Canada: By Deepa Phillips

2020 Public Events
An Immigrant Women's Journey to Self-Employment: By Doreen Fernandez held at City Hall.

LinkedIn Masterclass: By Dean Delpeache, on June 26 & July 3.
Our June 26, 2020 session is available on our YouTube channel.

Our July 3, 2020 session is available on our YouTube channel.

Our October 2020 session 'From fear to freedom: small shifts for positive growth': By Brian G. Bachand, CEO evolution evolution & Chairman Acces Employment is available on our YouTube channel.

Upcoming Virtual Public Learning Session TBD
Due to the ongoing pandemic we will hold virtual networking/ learning sessions.

Join WINS Toronto to give your thoughts on diversity & inclusion a voice.

A diversity & inclusion initiative by HITU HR Solutions

A diversity & inclusion initiative by HITU HR Solutions. Visit: www.hituhrsolutions.com

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